Surf And Tour - A Christmastime Romance

Surf And Tour - A Christmastime Romance

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Physical therapist and champion surfer, Nikki Young hasn’t ventured into the ocean since almost drowning a year ago. Nikki flies to Hawaii to compete in a video contest showcasing the scenic shores, and she hopes her fear won't ruin her chances. She needs the prize money to fulfill her dream of opening a therapy office.

Surfboard designer, Julian Vaughn just wants to get back to work and avoid romantic complications. However, a surfing injury and months of unsuccessful therapy prevent him from shaping boards. And the women? Well, he wants to avoid all of them after his long-time girlfriend shredded his heart.

Winning the contest and healing Julian’s broken pieces proves to be as much of a struggle as getting back on her surfboard and braving the waves of the turbulent sea.

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