Betraying the Dynasty - The Complete Grant Series

Betraying the Dynasty - The Complete Grant Series

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Three cousins risk everything to bring down a family dynasty.

Cousins Emma, Quinn, and Amazing Grant, each successful in their chosen fields, want nothing to do with the "family business" ruled by their ruthless grandfather.

But Richard Grant, international jewel thief and smuggler, didn't get to the top of the food chain by playing nice. Nothing stands in the way of what he wants. Especially family.

The diabolical Richard Grant believes he can rule his family like he rules his criminal empire, but his three grandchildren disagree.

Book One: "A Smuggler's Song" - Emma Grant, angry about Richard's kidnapping of her rockstar boyfriend and forcing her to join the family jewel smuggling business, develops a risky scheme that could lead to her grandfather's Interpol arrest.

Book Two: "Quinn & Barrett: - Quinn Grant's marriage was arranged to Sigrid years ago, but they never married. Quinn's fallen in love with Vanessa Barrett, but after he proposes, Richard sends threats hurtling toward Vanessa. Can this country woman outwit a mobster to marry Quinn?

Book Three: "Granted" - Amazing Grant is fed-up with her grandfather’s tyranny and after an Interpol agent convinces her to help lock Grandfather Richard up for good, she sets up a scheme which includes a Sunday brunch to die for.

One by one, the cousins face mobsters loyal to their grandfather, and their stories culminate in a final battle--against their villainous family.

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