Betraying the Dynasty - The Complete Grant Series

Betraying the Dynasty - The Complete Grant Series

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Can Three Cousins Outwit Their Criminal Dynasty & Send the Elders to Prison?

Three cousins' magical lives are turned upside down when threatened by their family to step up to the plate and join their criminal empire or have their lovers suffer the consequences.

Emma attempts to set up her grandfather for an Interpool arrest.

Vanessa Barrett struggles to understand Quinn Grant's role in the Grant family and deals with Grandfather Richard's threats.

Amazing Grant rounds out the attempt to end the Grant's reign of jewel smuggling and toss them all in prison. Will they succeed?

The Grant series is filled with suspenseful twists and turns featuring fun characters and despicable family members.

Secrets abound along with blackmail, kidnapping, and death.

Three cousins take on their mobster family. Each stand-alone story weaves together each of the cousins' journey to bring their relatives to justice while protecting their lovers from harm.

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