Jumping into Fire Review

Jumping into Fire Review

Review from J Walch:

"Reading Jumping Into Fire was my introduction to Ellis Summers. I had never heard of her before and downloaded this short story as part of some promotional bundle.

 I spent most of my adult life jumping into the fire, not as a smoke jumper, but as an agent working for one of those government agencies that does not exist, going places and doing things that we cannot talk about. I am not easily impressed and can be hard on writers who do not have a clue about what they are writing about.

 Ellis may never have been a “smoke eater,” been in a drive-by shooting, or in a hostage situation, but she gets it right. She has done her research, maybe even interviewing people who have been there and done that. Her story ran true. 

Jumping Into Fire is an action thriller with a touch of romance. The characters that she created for this short story-Melissa, Ryan, Logan, and Maria-have many stories to tell. 

I think Ellis can expand Jumping Into Fire and turn it into a series prequel. It would be exciting to see the characters develop further and explore more of the world that has been introduced. I am sure many readers would be eager to continue following the story and seeing where it leads. I, for one, would love to read that series. "

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