Complicated Strangers - A Romantic Twisty Suspense Novel

Complicated Strangers - A Romantic Twisty Suspense Novel

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When her husband is kidnapped from the US Embassy in Brazil, Native American beauty Miakoda Nez flees her home as her husband made her promise to do if anything happened to him at work.

She stops at a rest area and is threatened by a gang of thugs, but Greyson, an FBI agent disguised as a homeless veteran is there to help. They escape the gang only to find themselves the target of the US government agencies that Greyson works for.

Greyson is ordered to keep his eye on Mia and report daily as to her location. His duty to family and his government conflicts with his growing love of the Navajo beauty as he plays double agent while keeping Mia from suspecting.

Mia's husband left clues behind to a project he's working on, and she becomes embroiled in deep international intrigue involving the CIA, FBI, and the American President.

Will she be able to outsmart the government and find the evidence her husband demands she gather?

Can she trust Greyson to be loyal to her, or will he remain loyal to his duty?

Will she find her husband alive, and are her suspicions of his cheating justified?

This fast-paced thriller has secret missions, family secrets, betrayal, and a slow burn romance!

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