Rescuing Freedom - A Romantic Twisty Suspense Novel

Rescuing Freedom - A Romantic Twisty Suspense Novel

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After Freesia Hollister and her friend Iris Simmons find their husbands cheating and plotting against them, they run into two Special Force veterans traveling in an RV. The four begin a suspenseful adventure in Rocky Mountain National Park, where trouble follows all of them, guaranteeing suspense, thrills, and non-stop action.

Dominic and Spencer are going to the park to seek out a soldier from their platoon who is hiding there. Agents are following them, hoping to find the soldier first.

Dr. Iris Simmons just recommended the release of a confessed killer, whom she suspects is covering for someone else. He's not pleased with her spoiling his plans.

And Fressia Hollister, wife of the genius weapons maker, Olin Hollister finds herself with one of Dominic's soldiers in the back of a Jeep as she heads to her remote mountaintop property.

Helicopters are hovering and agents are knocking, but she’s determined to shield the hero who uncovered a military crime. Clearing the veteran might destroy everything she treasures in life, including her freedom.

"Rescuing Freedom" is an action-packed adventure filled with twists and turns. This suspenseful thriller will have you at the edge of your seat from the opening pages.

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