Granted - A Romantic Twisty Suspense Novel

Granted - A Romantic Twisty Suspense Novel

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Amazing Grant has kept her distance from her mobster family, while entombing her own less-than-savory past. Until now.

With her fugitive grandfather on the lam, the clan's attention focuses on Amazing (Maze) and the ancient journal her great-grandfather secretly passed down to her. Maze's relatives are convinced she's hiding the precious book, and now that they're no longer under the watchful eye of their patriarch, they summon her to Paris for an interrogation.

Facing threats to her fiancé, and an Interpol general using her criminal past to blackmail her, Maze devises a take-down of her entire family. The only thing worse than dragging the people she loves into her battle is discovering the sinister reason the Grant family wants the heirloom journal to remain buried.

From San Francisco to Paris, twists and turns take Maze through grave danger with vengeful criminals. Once the final showdown takes place in Scotland, murder is on everyone's mind.

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