Hunting For Blue - A Romantic Twisty Suspense Novel

Hunting For Blue - A Romantic Twisty Suspense Novel

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Photographer and motorcycle enthusiast Simone Taylor discovers her family has been holding secrets in the name of protecting her, but when her brother, Calvin, dies suspiciously in a car accident, Simone is thrust into a family feud going back generations over a piece of land.

Her brother's best friend, Nash – a British exchange student who never left America – is Simone's secret crush. She's loved him since she was eight, but believes she's in the sister zone with the handsome Brit.

Together, they work to uncover the secrets Calvin left behind, including a cabin on a remote piece of property where they unearth Cal's lucrative project.

Suspicious events and threats start to ensnare Simone as she discovers she is the sole owner of this disputed property. Is she next on someone's list to kill?

No one is who they seem, including Nash. Simone becomes paralyzed as his secrets come to life. She catches her parents, her brother, and Nash all lying to protect her from harm – emotional and physical.

Can she unravel Calvin's past to save her future?

Can she trust Nash, or has all of her childhood worshipping been for a man she doesn't know?

A suspenseful novel filled with twists and thrills!

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